Hi, I’m Jo, a recovering work-addicted Primary Teacher turned burnout & career coach for exhausted teachers.

Using my experience as a teacher, trainer and certified coach, I help  burnt out teachers heal from years of running on adrenaline and guide them to find the confidence they've lost.

Whether you want to find another career path or dream of creating a business, I've helped many teachers to understand how to use their transferable skills and walk away from the classroom - without the guilt!

Working across a variety of education settings in teaching, leadership and advisory roles, I understand the daily demands on women as they prioritise their time; the drive to overwork and give 100% of yourself to your role, with no energy or time left for yourself or your family.

Even if you KNOW the answer is to learn to manage the stress, your energy and your mindset, that doesn’t mean the job makes it possible!

There are many pieces to the perfect “whelm” puzzle but the good news is, there are pieces. There is a place you can enjoy every part of your life without unnecessary stress and tension.

When you choose to work  with me, we co-create a transformative journey - the coaching and mentoring I do combines practical, actionable steps to keep you moving forward while also guiding you to unravel years of living with other peoples' priorities to find what's aligned for you.

Now I enjoy coaching 1:1 clients and spend most of my time coaching and mentoring teachers and ex-teachers inside of my Adventures After Teaching Academy programme which offers a year-long support community. 

I've designed this community and layers of support to give you everything you need to confidently secure new work and create that much needed time for yourself and your family. 

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